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At Grant County College Bound We Offer the Following Services:

1. Academics

  • One on One Tutoring and Mentoring for kids in grades K-12

  • Standardized testing strategies

  • ACT prep

  • Collaboration with local schools to provide in-school assistance/tutoring

2. College Acceptance

  • Help with the college application process

  • Direction for academic courses in middle school and high school that best help individuals enroll in and get accepted into their desired colleges

  • Information about various colleges and universities along with their enrollment requirements and standards

  • Information about and help with available scholarships and how to apply for them

  • Financial aid information and assistance

  • Tours of various college campuses

3. Coordination of Available Resources

  • Enrichment opportunities at College Bound as well as providing information about extracurricular enrichment opportunities within Grant County and around the country

  • Collaboration with local community outreach programs and extracurricular activities

  • Dual enrollment information and help

  • Services and mentoring for parents to help them take an active role in their child’s education

4. Life Skills

  • Activities addressing life skills, social skills, time and money management skills, and interview skills

  • Organized physical activities

  • Guest speakers and tours of local businesses

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